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Hydraulic Jack & Ram Repairs and Service

Authorized Hydraulic Jack & Ram Repair Company

Repairing hydraulic jacks and rams is not a simple process for just anyone. These are complex systems which require extensive knowledge and proper equipment and tools to make the repairs right, so they last longer and are safe. Selecting the right hydraulic jack or ram repair company requires careful consideration. Pagel Hydraulic has been around since 1960, and we are the right company to get your hydraulic jacks and rams repaired properly.

We are Authorized to work on a vast amount of hydraulic jacks and rams. You can see the full list by just clicking here.

Our Authorized Service Center guarantees:

• Safety is a primary focus.
• Service Center technicians are trained
• Original parts are used for repair
• Work shop tools and equipment are adequately tailored for repairs
• Effective administrative handling is in place
• Minimum inventory requirements to support quicker turnaround with service requests
• Warranty repairs

Hydraulic Repair Estimator

Hydraulic Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Our team of certified technicians will follow a rigorous process when repairing any hydraulic component, no matter the manufacturer. Our goal is to provide the best component, accurately repaired, so you can get back to operating normal.

We begin with a diagnostics test. We fully analyze the hydraulic component to identify the root of the breakdown. Then, we completely disassemble each component and thoroughly clean and inspect them for precise tolerances and fit. Any parts that are broken, worn or missing will be compiled into a list so we can ensure your hydraulic component is repair completely, so it can perform to its full potential.

OEM Parts for Hydraulic Repair

When replacing parts we will use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to make sure your hydraulic component is repaired to manufacturer tolerances and standards. We maintain a large inventory of OEM parts on-site so we can promptly repair, rebuild or remanufacture you hydraulic components.

Testing & Certification of Hydraulic Components

Once all repairs and rebuilding is complete, we will run the hydraulic component through strenuous tests to ensure that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

Hydraulic Repair Experts

If you are looking for a reliable and prompt hydraulic repair company, give Pagel Hydraulic Service a call today. We will always strive to provide the best, prompt, accurate repair services to you each and every time.

Some Manufacturers We Service

• Chicago Pneumatic-Industrial
• CS Unitec
• Duff Norton
• Gardner Bender
• Greenlee
• Enerpac
• Graco
• Harrington Hoists
• Hilman Rollers
• Hydrashear-Pell
• Ingersoll-Rand
• Lincoln Automotive
• Makita
• Milwaukee Hydraulic Products Corp.
• MK Morse
• Norco Industries, Inc.
• OTC Tool & Equipment
• Porter Cable
• Ram Pac International, Inc.
• Reed Mfg.
• RIGID/Ridge Tools
• Rothenberger
• Simplex, Div. of Templeton, Kenly
• Sioux
• SPX Power Team
• Stanley Hydraulic
• Sumner Mfg.
• Weaver
• Wheeler Mfg.


Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm

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3073 S Chase Ave, Bldg 36
Milwaukee, WI 53207
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